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We are glad that you have spent valuable years pursuing courses of your choice at BIGCE. We shall be thankful if you can spare some of your valuable time to fill up this feedback form and give us valuable suggestions for further improvement of the institute . Your valuable inputs will be of great use to improve the quality of our academic programs and enhance the credibility of our Institute .

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qibutes Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor
1. Admission Procedure
2. Fee structure
3. Environment
4. Infrastructure & Lab facilities
5. Faculty
6. Project Guidance
7. Quality of support material
8. Training & Placement
9. Library
10. Canteen Facilities
11. Hostel Facilities
12. Overall Rating of the University
13. Alumni Association/Network of Old Friends
14. What is the caliber of students passing out of this University
15. How do you rate the courses which are skills related suiting to the Industry included into the programs?
16. How do you rate the learning experience in terms of their relevance to the real life application?
17. How do you rate the courses that you have leant in relation to your current job.

To what extent the following programme educational objectives fulfilled by the Department/ Institute? For each of the Program Educational Objectives (1-5) given below, which of the four statements (1-4) aptly describes your understanding, Please include any comments.

Your assessment
Programme Educational Objectives
Very little 1 Some extent 2 Quite a bit 3 Very much 4
1. Preparation: To educate students for graduate and postgraduate programmes and to succeed in their chosen/ related fields.
2. Core Competence: To provide students with sound knowledge in their chosen area.
3. Breadth: To train students with knowledge relating to an array of professional fields undertaken so as to comprehend, analyze, design, and create innovative products and find solutions to improve the quality of life.
4. Professionalism: To create professionally superior and ethically strong global manpower and to uphold moral values. With effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach, and an ability to improve the quality of life.
5. Learning Environment: To create an intellectual environment for research and development aware of emerging technologies leading to continual learning needed for a successful professional career, to create a centre of excellence develop technocrats and business leaders.

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